Bowling Party

Clothing for your bowling party starts in your closet. It’s as easy as grabbing a nice pair of jeans and some cute flat shoes. Roll up your jeans or wear skinny jeans for the most fashionable look. Also be sure to bring socks to wear with the bowling shoes!



To liven up your bowling party, purchase a few theme items. In this case we chose a cowgirl theme. Get your bride a white mini cowgirl hat and get your girls pink mini cowgirl hats. For shirts you can buy white tank tops for the bridal party and all the guests can wear white shirts from their closet. You can also get a couple packs of photo propd for all the girls without spending a ton of money. Finish your outfits with a cute gettin hitched sash and you’ll be sure to have a great time. You know what they say ‘If you get in the saddle, be ready for the ride!’


For your hair and makeup go all out Daisy Duke. Start with big, beautiful curly hair. Give yourself bright red nails and neutral makeup. The trick here is to apply flawless makeup that looks like you aren’t wearing makeup at all. Skin toned eye shadows, plum blush, and a light pink lip will leave you looking naturally beautiful.


During the process of creating this site we found that the best place for getting your supplies was They by far have the best selection, especially when it comes to fashionable bachelorette party items. We’ve decided to partner with