Dance Party

The Bachelorette Dance Party is a very popular theme, and probably the most common. The only problem is that most people go overboard with WAY too many phallic items. While a few are ok, you still want to throw a fashionable bachelorette party. Combining items you already have with purchased bachelorette items is always the way to go. You’ll look unified in your fashion efforts and your photos will be beautiful!

Going out dancing will undoubtedly be fun for all, but the best part is getting dressed up! Invite the party over to your house before hand for some drinks. Have a fun dress up pre-party with just the bridal girls and do your hair and makeup together. You can help each other look stylish and get a second opinion on that ‘not-so-sure’ item.

Most of your clothing you can get from your own closet. I can almost bet everyone in your group has a few great staples that will suffice for your dance party. Start with a great black mini skirt. Sequined ones look the best and the most high fashion. Pair your skirt with some opaque black tights and some tall black boots and you are sure to be stunning!


For the Bachelorette Dance Party there are quite a few items that you can buy without going too overboard. I suggest getting these items from, they always offer free shipping with orders over $50, and they have by far the best selection! The first thing you should get is pink beads. They come in sets of 12 and are a very inexpensive way to liven up your outfits. Along those same lines are the light up rings. They come in sets of 6 and, again, are relatively inexpensive and very cute! 

Another good purchase to consider would be matching tank tops. They come in Black, White, and Pink. You can get all the girls a black one and the bachelorette a pink or white one. Whatever you choose to do, these tank tops will instantly say ‘bachelorette party’ while still remaining fashionable. Not to mention your group photos will be awesome!

You also might want to wear something on your heads, try the pink dooby boppers. If you can get everyone to wear them, your party will look amazing . You’d definitely stand out from the crowd, but you wouldn’t look too ridiculous while doing it! If you’d like something slightly phallic, buy the naughty tiara for your bride. It brings a tiny bit of naughty while still leaving her looking very nice. The last thing I think you’d like for your bachelorette party are pink garters. They’re inexpensive, cute, and the girls will keep them forever!

With any or all of these things, you will have the most fashionable bachelorette dance party in town!

Hair and makeup are an important part of your dance party. No one wants to look sloppy on a girls night out! For an elegant look start with silky straight hair. Spray on some humectant spray and/or leave in conditioning spray before and after you flat iron. It’ll leave your hair silky and shiny as opposed to frying it! For your nails, try hot pink. It’ll add a subtle sexy and flirty element to your outfit. Smoky eyes should be an obvious choice for your eye makeup on the big night. They’ve become a classic makeup technique for making any girl look fashionable and stylish. Finish it off with pink blush and a light pink lip. You will look absolutely fabulous at any bachelorette party.