Spa Party

Bachelorette Spa Parties are one of the largest growing type of bachelorette party. Many women don’t want to have big, crazy nights out. They want a simple daytime party with all of their closest friends, and what’s better than a spa?! Look for a spa that will let you start off with a yoga class to get your mind and body focused for pampering. Or, choose one that has a steam room or Jacuzzi where you can gather and have some girl time. At some point in the day, gather for a light lunch, cake, and present opening. 

To look fashionable at your Bachelorette Spa Party you don’t need to spend a ton of money on party favors. Everyone can wear their own yoga pants & flip flops, and makeup should stay simple and clean so that your day is as relaxing and easy as possible. Purchase some cute pink or black tanks and some cute head pieces and you’re good to go!

For a Spa Bachelorette Party clothing should be easy. Stay relaxed and unwind. All you need is some nice yoga pants and flip flops, my guess is that everyone already owns some. Go through your closet and keep your attire like your day, worry-free!



Of course, you still want your bachelorette to feel special on her day. Make it known that this is HER bachelorette party. There are a few things you can get at that will help you do that while staying fashionable AND not breaking the bank. First thing you can do is get some cute BrideBridesmaid, and Maid of Honor Tanks. They come in Pink, Black and White. You can get everyone the same color or get one color for the bride and another color for everyone else. Everyone will look so unified, and more importantly, fashionable & cute! You can also think about purchasing some headpieces. has very cute mini tiaras for those who are reserved or flashing wiggly dicks for the extroverted bride. Top it all off with a few x-rated tattoos and you are sure to have a simply fashionable bachelorette party!

Hair and makeup for a Spa Bachelorette Party should again stay effortless. You don’t need to wear a ton of makeup but you will want to wear a light foundation and some lip gloss. If you’re like most girls you’ll feel naked without a light mascara as well, if this is the case just put on a light layer or wear clear mascara. Don’t put too much effort into your hair or nails either. To stay fashionable at a spa you’ll want a clear nail polish and trouble-free hair. To achieve a beautiful but manageable hair style try a sleek pony tail, or better yet, a side fishtail. If you don’t know how to do a fishtail braid, here’s a youtube tutorial. Again, keep your look clean and easy and your bachelorette party will stay fashionable.

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