Wine Party

The Bachelorette Wine Party is perfect for the classy bachelorette. There’s no need to include phallic items, so don’t stress about incorporating too much official bachelorette stuff. A sashtiara, and some wine glasses, combined with an amazing night out with her girls, will be more than enough for your bachelorette.

Dress up ultra chic, take a limo bus to your favorite classy bar or winery, and have some wine while in route. You’ll make memories for a lifetime, so be sure to take a lot of pictures!

For a Bachelorette Wine Party you want to look warm and classy! Have your girls wear red or black dresses and gold jewelry. You can either all wear the same color, have all the girls wear black and the bride wear red, or let everyone choose for themselves! You will all look chic, elegant, and sophisticated. Everyone has a black or red dress and shoes in their closet, no need to go out and buy special clothing.


Although you can get most of your fashions from your own closet, you still want people to know that you are having a bachelorette party and not just girls hanging out. Thats why this day/night is so special! You don’t have to purchase a ton of stuff to do that. Just a few things from will do the trick. Get everyone a black or red boa & a tiara… or just get one for the bride! Also it may be enough to get the bride a simple sashtiara, and a pretty wine glass. With just a few items you can create a very fashionable bachelorette party for your special bride!

Bachelorette Party makeup is one of those things that most girls either over-do or under- do. We’ve all gone to the parties where girls have on the bright green, blue, and purple eyeshadow. Granted, those looks have their place in fashion magazines and at dance parties. But when you’re trying to look classy at a wine party, crazy makeup is a big no-no. You also don’t want to be too under-done. Don’t leave your hair flat, put it up (or at least curl it or straighten it!) Whatever you do, don’t be the one who looks frumpy. Our tips: 1) Give yourself a beautiful up-do 2) Wear metallic eye shadows 3) Use a warm bronzer for night 4) Use this opportunity to give yourself a bright red lip 5) Wear a sophisticated neutral nail

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